My Dream

Becky Billard is a Canadian jewelry artist and painter originally from Newfoundland. About four years ago, while enjoying the beach she discovered what is commonly known as Sea Glass (bits of glass washed in by the tides of the ocean). The artist’s soul took hold; seeing intricacies within the sea glass she began creating jewelry from this naturally occurring resource. Becky also does paintings and mixed-media pieces with found objects as well.

Wanting to share her new found passion with the world Becky has created Beachside Creations, where you can request custom pieces, commission paintings, and purchase pieces from her extensive gallery.

“I am always creating something new out of sea glass, driftwood, natural surf-tumbled stones and many other treasures I’ve collected along Canada’s maritime coast. I also have some rare pieces that have been imported from beachcombers around the world!There is no feeling like walking into the sunset searching for a glint of sea glass along the tumbling surf. You see a shard; in an instant it could be washed out to sea…”


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